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Romans 6:14

How to live victorious sinless Christian life.

Our Lord Jesus said,

Matthew 11:28-30 New International Version (NIV)

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

I like this verse because it put things into perspective. I have heard many Christians saying, to be a Christian is not easy, if you find it easy you are not a true faithful Christian. They say this as if, it depends on you to be a Christian and there is something you need to do beside to believe in Jesus. Even before I go to the verse above, there is something very wrong with that thinking. They will tell how Christ suffered, so we must suffer as well. What this verse say is total opposite of that particular thinking. He says, ‘lean from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.’ These are the words of Lord Jesus himself.

There are many things I want to say on here but I do not want to mix things. I will trust the Holy Spirit to guide me to say what I need to say.

From the above verse, Jesus is very clear that those who are weary and burden must come to Him and He will give them rest. Unless you still think you can do it on your own strength, as most Christians are still trying to do it on their own strength. Child of God if you are weary and still burden maybe you have not come to lean on Him, you are leaning at your strength. He further says my yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Child of God, the bible is very clear on this, our Lord Jesus Christ suffered so that we do not suffer. Yes, true the bible says, you may suffer some sort of trials for a little while. This is true, taken on its context. You may be persecuted for your faith, make fun of, because of the faith you have chosen and all sort of trial but the bible is very clear that it is for a little while. We are fortunate because Christians in most countries are not persecuted as in the early church, even though in some countries, our christian brothers and sisters are still suffering those extreme persecutions from those who are against Christianity.

In most cases or in the gospel of Christ, the word of God speaks clearly how great you are in Him, the bible tells that we have victory in Him. Why are we not seeing victory and see Christians that are weary and heavy laden? First they believe wrong, by believing that they have to suffer instead of believing right, that in Christ they already have victory. You lean on Him, on what He has done and not on want you still have to do or you think you can do. Let me tell you something there is nothing you can do, no amount of good works that can make you righteous, it is only by believing in Jesus Christ. That is all.

Righteousness is a principal thing in the kingdom of God. Lack of understanding about righteousness or believing that you have t do something to be righteous, will lead to a disaster, you will struggle as a Christian. Believe me you will never find rest. You will struggle and sin will have dominion over you. Now we need to go back to the foundation of Christianity. This is where most people are missing it.

Let me not beat around the bush any longer. Above, it was just an introduction and laying a proper foundation. When you believe in Jesus Christ, you are born again and you are born righteous. This is very important to know and not only to know but believe it, ‘that you are born righteous’. Now you have a new identity, even if you miss the mark and sin; never stop believing that you are righteous. Righteousness is a gift from God, it is not based on your works or how good you are.

To call yourself a sinner in Christ is very wrong and unscriptural. You were a sinner before Christ but the blood of Jesus has washed away all your sins, past, present and; future sins and they are white as snow. Now you are no longer a sinner but the righteousness of God. You may still not be perfect yet by your works but that is not who you are, you are what the word says, you are in Christ.

I agree, all have sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Outside Christ we are all remain sinners. What I mean is, we do miss it the mark and sin. The million-dollar question is how do we measure sin; how do we say this is too much. In the book of James, he says it nicely that you break one commandment, you break all. So stop thinking that because you think you are good on particular aspect of your life and think, you are better sinner than others, you break one you break all.

The point I am making, it is not the level of sin that determines your standing with God. It is Jesus who died for all of your sins but not yours only but the sins of the whole world so that whoever believe in Him maybe saved and have eternal life. All those who believe in Him are declared righteous.

I repeat, it is important to know and understand that you have been made righteous. The bible says you are righteous by faith not by works. If you still think that you are sinner in Christ, guess what you will do you will sin. If you believe that you are righteous which is you true identity in Christ, you will of course live right.

Some believe that yes we are righteous by faith in Christ but we still have something to do to be righteous. I hope I make sense; please get this next statement it is important to put this message across. If righteous is gained through faith in Jesus and not by works, what are you still doing trying to be righteous. The moment you put works or make any effort to be righteous, it means you did not believe at first place that righteous. I am not at all saying we must do wrong. Our identity is true righteous that is from God, so we do right. But is wrong to think in any chance that your works or anything you do make you righteous beside believe in Christ.

All I am saying is that if you still think God will accept you based on your works to be righteous, think again. It means you do not have faith. If you truly believe that you are righteous by faith, you will understand that your works can not make you right. Think, if you believe you are already righteous, why would you need to do something to be righteous because you already are. Unless you do not believe at the first place that you are righteous then you can still work for your righteousness. Good luck with that.

By believing this truth which is the foundation of Christianity found in our Lord Jesus Christ, you shall live a successful life.

Romans 6:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.

Try to justify yourself by your works or by the law, you will struggle child of God. You will be among those who say, to be a Christian is not easy and sin will have dominion over you. The bible says ‘the strength of sin is the law’. If you try to justify yourself by the law, you become sin conscious and what you are conscious of, you are mostly likely to do that thing.

Child of God, know your true identity in Christ and you shall live a true victorious and sinless life. The bible tells us that ‘the just shall live by faith.’

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About Brian Zondi

Brian Zondi Is the founder of Kingdom Minded Church. He received revelation from God by continuous, daily reading of the word of God through the help of the Holy Spirit. Here is what Brian says about his mission: I am the preacher of righteousness that is from God not of men. I was so amazed by the love of God that is found in the person Jesus Christ our Lord. When God revealed this grace from the scripture to me, I knew it was a call to expose this wonderful grace to all the nations of the world, as He commanded us to preach the gospel to all four corners of the world. The grace of God has been suppressed by the enemy for far too long and the body of Christ has been held hostage by the things that seem to have victory over them but the truth is the power has been given to believers. In Christ victory is certain and change is inevitable. Right believing produces right living. The only way to live a successful and prosperous life is through understanding the Grace of God. This is the way to live the true holy life that God requires. Brian Zond is a graduate from the University of the Free State, South Africa. He is married to a beautiful woman, Nontuthuko Zondi.

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