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Grace of God is The Gospel.

The Gospel is not Ten Commandment [The Law]

On this blog, please forgive me in advance but I am not apologetic and this post will be hard or a bitter pill to swallow but it is the truth.

The gospel of Christ is not preached right or as it is written, though salvation is preached and people are saved which is great but still the gospel is not preached to its fullness.

One of the biggest mistake that the church is doing is trying to mix the Gospel with the law, which is not scriptural and unbiblical. The church tries so much to strike or to find a balance between the two covenants, the law and the gospel; and it is destructive, it will destroy you. 

First, what is the gospel, the gospel is the grace of God. Grace is undeserved, unmerited, unearned favor of God.

In the gospel of Christ, there is no argument about righteousness, it is by faith alone. Righteous is what most people of the past were trying to be to God by observing the law, even now in the body of Christ, the church, same story. The church it is trying so much to justify themselves by the law but they are failing. The bible tells us that no one will be declared righteous by observing the law.

 To be righteous is to be in good standing with God or accepted by God or you have met all requirements of the law. We hear this preached every day, that you have to keep the law [Ten Commandments] to be justified and declared righteous. I also believed this way for quite some time even after I was born again.

Let me tell something the bible says something else under the new covenant. I will explain about the covenants God made with men in my future blogs or you can get a copy of my book Grace is the Truth where I explain covenants in more details.

My bible says on Romans 3:20 where Paul introduces the righteousness of faith. Paul says, ‘no one will be declared righteous in His sight by observing the law but through the law we only become conscious of sin’ which is not good. How many knows that something that you are conscious of, all the time, you are mostly likely to do that thing. If you are sin conscious you are more likely to sin and the law makes you sin conscious.

Let me not bit around the bush any longer and say it as it is written in the word of God. In the gospel of Christ, the only way to be righteous is by faith in Jesus Christ our Savior. If you believe in your heart and confess it with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. He died for our sins. At that moment you are saved, born again and declared righteous.

Under the gospel we are no longer under the law but we are justified freely by grace. Righteousness is a gift from God, we are righteous by faith apart from the law. If you do not agree or believe me, go and read for yourself Romans 3 and continue reading all the books of the gospel. Is it that easy, it sounds too good to be true? I am glad I’m the one delivering these good news, it is true.

Remember the word gospel means good news. That is God’s unconditional love for us found in His Son.

Yes, true it is easy for us but for God it did not come cheap, He had to send His only begotten son to the cross and die for all our transgressions that whoever believes in him shall be saved, John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world and gave His only begotten Son.” He did not die for only believers but the whole world, that whoever believes in Jesus shall be saved.

Allow me to define the gospel in one sentence. In the gospel of Christ, we are only righteous by faith and we no longer under the law. I repeat we no longer under the law.

For more on this follow this daily blog during weekdays or click on our weekly teachings which have evidence from the scripture. Lastly you can buy yourself a copy of my book Grace is the Truth.

The just shall live by faith.

About Brian Zondi

Brian Zondi Is the founder of Kingdom Minded Church. He received revelation from God by continuous, daily reading of the word of God through the help of the Holy Spirit. Here is what Brian says about his mission: I am the preacher of righteousness that is from God not of men. I was so amazed by the love of God that is found in the person Jesus Christ our Lord. When God revealed this grace from the scripture to me, I knew it was a call to expose this wonderful grace to all the nations of the world, as He commanded us to preach the gospel to all four corners of the world. The grace of God has been suppressed by the enemy for far too long and the body of Christ has been held hostage by the things that seem to have victory over them but the truth is the power has been given to believers. In Christ victory is certain and change is inevitable. Right believing produces right living. The only way to live a successful and prosperous life is through understanding the Grace of God. This is the way to live the true holy life that God requires. Brian Zond is a graduate from the University of the Free State, South Africa. He is married to a beautiful woman, Nontuthuko Zondi.

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